Dad Joke Doug

Joe and Em's

$ 250.00
Who has two thumbs and loves dad jokes? This guy!!

This is 100% hand sewn puppet using the best materials you can get for puppet making. 

Antron Fleece, also known as muppet fleece, is used to make the skin of the puppet. Know for hiding seams it makes this puppet great for on camera or stage work. Or if you are like me you just enjoy having a puppet to play with. 

The mustache has been styled so it should hold its shape in shipping, if for some reason it doesn’t let me know and I’ll walk you through fixing it. It just takes some Elmer’s type glue and a comb. 

There are finger loops on the mouth plate to allow for better control of the puppet. 

Every puppet I make is a unique experience and I am never sure what the puppet is going to look like until I am almost finished.